PSRCHIVE Contributors

PSRCHIVE development is managed by Willem van Straten, with valuable contributions by Paul Demorest, Aidan Hotan, Jonathan Khoo, and David Smith. The library is a generalized and extended version of the timer archive software by Matthew Bailes, Jagmit Sandhu, and numerous other collaborators. In many ways, PSRCHIVE has been shaped by the same forces that have defined PSRFITS, an information-rich archival format developed by Richard Manchester and collaborators at the ATNF and Swinburne University of Technology. A lot of motivation, ideas, maintenance, documentation, and software has been contributed by the following people:

Matthew Bailes
Matthew Britton
Paul Demorest
Russell Edwards
Bi Qing For
Johan Hamaker
Jin Lin Han
George Hobbs
Frederick Jenet
Simon Johnston
Jonathan Khoo
Haydon Knight
Duncan Lorimer
Richard Manchester
Steve Ord
Scott Ransom
John Reynolds
David Smith
Ben Stappers
Albert Teoh
Na Wang
Joel Weisberg
Craig West

Special thanks to Duncan Lorimer for the EPN I/O routines; to Paul Demorest for ASP, BPP, Presto, and WAPP I/O routines; to Paul and Scott Ransom for contribution to the design of PSRFITS version 3; and to Matthew Britton for numerous important contributions to the timer archive software.