Installation Directory

The installation directory is the directory to which all build products (header files, libraries, executables, and runtime data) will be installed when you type make install. The installation directory is set when you run the configure script, and is stored in the Makefile variable, prefix. When you type make install, build products are installed in
There are currently three ways in which the installation directory can be specified.

1. Default installation

The default installation directory is $PSRHOME/$LOGIN_ARCH. If the PSRHOME environment variable is not set, /usr/local will be used instead.

2. Custom installation

As with any package that is configured and built using the GNU autotools, the install directory may be specified using the --prefix argument to the configure script.

3. Joint development installation

CVSHOME installation

Most Swinburne and ATNF developers will prefer to install in $CVSHOME/$LOGIN_ARCH; to set this up to be the default, add
setenv CONFIG_SITE $CVSHOME/psrchive/config/cvshome
to your .cshrc file. This assumes that you performed the CVS checkout in $CVSHOME. If you checked out in a different directory, modify the above line accordingly.

LOCAL_ROOT installation

In order to enable behaviour that more closely matches that of the Standard Makefile scheme, add
setenv CONFIG_SITE config/local_root
to your .cshrc file. Note that this environment variable does not specify the full path to the local_root script, only a relative path. Therefore, this solution does not depend upon any environment variable other than LOGIN_ARCH. However, psrchive must be your current working directory when you run the configure script.

LOCAL_ROOT + CVSHOME installation

If you must build in a directory other than the source directory (psrchive) as is the case if you must compile on multiple architectures, then the previous solution will not work for you. However, if you have checked out the software into a specified directory, say $CVSHOME, then you can use another form of the above solution by adding
setenv CONFIG_SITE $CVSHOME/psrchive/config/local_root
to your .cshrc file. This will find the local_root script whatever your current working directory and, unless the current working directory ends with psrchive, prefix will be set to pwd. If the current working directory ends with psrchive, then psrchive will be replaced with $LOGIN_ARCH.

Changing the installation directory

It is possible to install build products in a directory other than the installation directory that was set when the configure script was run. It is not necessary to make distclean, nor must the configure script be run again. Simply run
make install prefix=desired_install_path
Note, however, that if you use this option, you will have to set the PSRCHIVE environment variable to desired_install_path.