PSRCHIVE documentation: psrplot pen attributes

The attributes of the pen used to draw psrplot plots may be set, including

Character font and height

The character font and height may be set via the cf and ch attributes. The default value for each of these is 1 (one). The character font may be set to any integer supported by the
PGSCF subroutine. The character height may be set to any floating point value, as described in the PGSCH documentation.

Line width and style

The line width may be set via the lw attribute. The default value is 1 (one), and the line width may be set to any integer up to 201, as described in the
PGSLW documentation.

Certain plots have other attributes, such as the line style and colour. For example, the "stokes" plot has colour index ci and line style ls attributes, which correspond to the PGPLOT PGSCI and PGSLS subroutines. Each attribute is a string of numbers, and the Nth element of the string defines the colour index or line style to be applied to the Nth plotted value.

For example, to plot linear polarization with a dashed, magenta line and circular polarization with a dotted, white line

psrplot -p Scyl -c flux:ci=161,flux:ls=124 0437n.FF