pac 'no match' error

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I'm learning the calibration procedure following the instructions given in Pulsar Data Analysis with PSRCHIVE (van Straten et al. 2012; arXiv:1205.6276). I got an error and don't know what the problem is :p Could anyone please help to give me some suggestions. Many thanks!

Meng Yu

P.S. the details:

$pac -d database.txt w040328_094010.rf

pac: Loading database from database.txt

pac: Loaded archive w040328_094010.rf
pac: Error while handling w040328_094010.rf:

    no match found
    neither raw nor processed calibrator archives found -- closest match:

    obsType want=Calibrator have=Calibrator ... match
    calType want=single have=flux ... no match

pac: Finished all files

asked Oct 16, 2013 by meng.yu (130 points)

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Hi Meng Yu,

This error message is indicating that there does not appear to be any suitable calibrator listed in the database.txt that you provided to pac.  There are many potential reasons for failing to find a match (frequency/bandwidth mismatch, etc.) but it sometimes proves useful to disable one of the constraints used by pac to rule out a match.  The relevant options are listed under "Matching options:" when you run pac -h on the command line.  For example, pac -c will disable the constraint that the calibrator should have been observed while pointing within a maximum on-sky angular separation from the pulsar.


answered Apr 12, 2014 by straten (810 points)