The output about "pdv -t" ?

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I use "pdv -t file.fits > new.dat"  or "pdv -A file.fits > new.dat" to  output the data.

 The last four columns  stand for what ?  I,Q,U,V ? or not? Where Can I find the information?

Thank you.

asked Apr 14, 2014 by psrnewer (120 points)

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Hi psrnewer,

The output of pdv will depend on the contents of your archive. You can see what state is your data in with the following command:

psredit -c state.fits

If the answer is not "Stokes", then in order to return I, Q, U and V you need to convert your data to Stokes state. If you want to keep your archive just like it is without making any changes you could run:

pdv -j 'state Stokes' -t file.fits > new.dat

Hope this helps.


answered Apr 14, 2014 by sosl (780 points)