No cheby for phase

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While folding a baseband observation with dspsr, I sometimes obtain the following error:

dsp::UnloaderShare::unload error unloading division 0
        dsp::Archiver::add Pulsar::Archive
        dsp::Archiver::set Pulsar::Archive
        dsp::Archiver::set Pulsar::Integration
        no cheby for phase

Is there any chance that someone knows what it means?
asked Mar 31 by Caterina (200 points)

1 Answer

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To bypass the issue, I usually start the processing after N seconds from the beginning (option "-S" of dspsr). 1 is usually sufficient for me

However, this quick and dirty solution doesn't tell us anything about what's wrong with the beginning of the observation
answered Mar 31 by Caterina (200 points)
I have a hunch that this error may be due to rounding errors in the code that decides if a given absolute pulse phase (including integer turns) falls within the range of phases spanned by an individual set of Chebyshev polynomial coefficients.  I've checked in what I think should be a fix.   If you are able to reproduce the error, could you please check if it now works on your end?