how to do polarization calibration with PA template

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Hi I'd like to know if psrchive could support polarization calibration with PA template.

I have observation on unpolarized source and noise diode, which could be used to calibrate the relative gains after folding.

However, I still need calibrate the leakage, cable delay, etc. I'd like to know if there is existing algorithm in psrchive to do so with PA template of pulsar. And also, it would be great to tell me what kind of input file (and format) is required.

BTW, I tried to play around with pac, however, it always tells me calibration file couldn't be detected.

asked May 12, 2017 by fleaf5 (170 points)

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There is no code to do polarization calibration using only the PA template, but there is code to derive a calibrator using all four Stokes parameters.  You can read about the technique in van Straten (2013) and there are some rudimentary instructions at ... please write if you have any questions!

answered Jun 7, 2017 by straten (810 points)