pcm error: bandwidth want and bandwidth have

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I am trying to run pcm as outlined in the psrchive user documentation but got the following error. When I look at bandwidths of the pulsar and cal files using psrstat they jave the same value, but the bandwidth written in the database.txt seems to be different. What can I do to fix this? (and changing the value in the database.txt file didn't work either!)

pcm: solving using 2 threads
pcm: data span 24.0417 hours
pcm: loading database from mycals/database.txt
pcm: database constructed with 2 entries
pcm: searching for reference source observations within 12.5000012546692 hours of midtime
pcm: midtime = 2011-10-29-19:46:00
pcm: no PolnCal observations found; closest match was

    obsType want=PolnCal have=PolnCal ... match
    receiver want=lbw have=lbw ... match
    instrument want=Mock have=Mock ... match
    frequency want=1385.004 have=1385.004 ... match
    bandwidth want=-10.1195294117647 have=-10.119529 ... no match

pcm: cannot continue
asked Jun 7, 2013 by tharaka (120 points)
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Hi Tharaka,

Following your post, the relevant code was updated to tolerate differences in bandwidth of up to 1 Hz; this threshold can be configured (e.g. http://psrchive.sourceforge.net/manuals/config/)

answered Apr 12, 2014 by straten (810 points)