Why do I get tempo1 errors when using tempo2 ephemerides?

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When running pat on Effelsberg-LOFAR data (observatory code DE601, inserted in my $TEMPO2/observatories/observatories.dat file), I get the error:


itoa_code no alias found for DE601

Tempo::toa::set_telescope no antennae named 'DE601'


Even though,

- the par file installed in both the standard template and the observation I'm running pat on, are in tempo2 format

- in my .psrchive.cfg file, Predictor::default is set to tempo2 and Predictor::policy is set to ephem (or "default", I tried both, didn't seem to matter)

In the resulting tim file, the telescope name is "gb300", which I guess is some kind of default.


When running psrchive_info, it tells me "Tempo2_predictor support enabled".


So what is going wrong here? How do I force it to use the Tempo2 observatories list, rather than the tempo1 list?

(I could fix this by adding DE601 to the tempo obsys.dat file, but surely that's just avoiding the problem...)
asked Aug 9, 2013 by Joris (130 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Joris,

I believe that this bug is now fixed (as of Dec 2013):


answered Apr 12, 2014 by straten (810 points)