no polynomials loaded

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Why does dspsr fail with the following error message?

        no polynomials loaded

asked Oct 5, 2013 by straten (810 points)

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This usually means that tempo isn't happy with its input.

Run dspsr in very verbose mode (with the -V command line option), redirect stderr to a file (with >& in C shell; with 2> in Bourne shell) and search for the system call to tempo. (The relevant line should have the characters -z in it.)  This will show you how dspsr is running tempo.  You can then

cd /tmp/tempo/$USER

and run this command to see what tempo thinks about it.
answered Oct 5, 2013 by straten (810 points)
A possible reason for dspsr (or some other psrchive tools like psradd) to complain in such way is because of the used ephemeris.
In particular, if the parsed ephemeris are in tempo2 format but there is not 'EPHVER' value set in them, the ephemeris are considered tempo ephemeris.

Two possible solutions to this:

1) use proper tempo2 ephemeris
2) change the psrchive config file. This file is searched in the working directory, in the home and in the directory where psrchive was installed. This file can be created by running 'psrchive_config > .psrchive.cfg' in the home, for example. Then, the necessary editing is: a) decomment the "Predictor::default" line, and set "Predictor::default = tempo2", b) decomment the "Predictor::policy" line and set "Predictor::policy = default". In this way, the polynomial's coefficients necessary for dspsr and psradd will be constructed by using the parsed ephemeris as tempo2-format ephemeris