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I have a bunch of contiguous files, each covering 5 minutes of observation, that I would like to combine and turn into a single .ar file.  I tried using:

psradd -f files*.ar

When I look at the output file with "pav -YF", it looks like the time span is only 5 minutes.  In other words, it looks like the individual archives were averaged out rather than concatenated to span the whole observing duration.  The individual sub-scans were produced using dspsr:

dspsr -E psr.par x1.fits -O -L 10 -A

I am new to psrchive and not very familiar with this package. Any suggestions?


asked Oct 9, 2013 by wmajid (120 points)

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Hi Walid,


Since you are new to psrchive, I will recommend you use psrplot instead of pav. It's much more flexible. To get the same plot you would run 'psrplot -pY -j F'

psradd does not support any '-f' option, unless you are running some very old version which does. In any recent version you choose the name of the output file using 'psradd -o files*.ar'

Could you post the output of :

psredit -c nsubint,length,int:duration files*.ar


answered Oct 9, 2013 by sosl (780 points)