Development Branch (Git) Build and Installation

After downloading the source code from the Git repo, it can be compiled and installed with the following commands:
cd psrchive
If the bootstrap script fails, it may be necessary to update the GNU autotools.

The configure script may finish with messages like

The PGPLOT library was not found:
  PSRCHIVE applications will not be able to plot.
  Run ./packages/pgplot.csh to automatically install.
To automatically install these dependencies, simply run the scripts as suggested, set any environment variables as directed, then re-run the configure script, as described in the section on Automatic Package Installation. When satisfied that the configure script has found all of the desired dependencies, run
make check
make install

Important notes:

  1. Up-to-date versions of the GNU autotools are required to run the bootstrap script.
  2. PSRCHIVE requires access to at least one FFT library to successfully configure. Please see the Third-Party Software notes, especially the Package Detection notes.
  3. If the PSRHOME environment variable is set, then the default installation directory will be $PSRHOME/$LOGIN_ARCH. Otherwise, /usr/local will be the default. If you wish to install in another directory, please read the Installation Directory notes.