Complete Installation Instructions

These instructions can be followed to install PSRCHIVE and its dependencies. Super user (root) privileges are not required, and it is assumed that the C shell is used.

Setup the environment

Add the following lines to $HOME/.cshrc
setenv PSRHOME $HOME/Pulsar
setenv PATH ${PATH}:$PSRHOME/bin

setenv PGPLOT_DIR $PSRHOME/pgplot
setenv PGPLOT_FONT $PGPLOT_DIR/grfont.dat

setenv TEMPO2 $PSRHOME/tempo2
setenv PSRCAT_FILE $PSRHOME/psrcat/psrcat.db
Create the PSRHOME directory, change to it, and load the new environment.
mkdir $HOME/Pulsar
cd $HOME/Pulsar
source $HOME/.cshrc
The environment variables will be automatically set on each subsequent login.

Download and build PSRCHIVE

It is recommended to download the latest version from the Git repository. Follow the instructions at Anonymous Git Access.

Be sure to also follow the link to the Build and Installation directions, including the Automatic Package Installation directions.

You are now ready to go!