PSRCHIVE Applications

The following table provides links to the user manuals of the various pulsar data processing applications that are distributed with the PSRCHIVE package.

In addition to the applications listed here, a Python interface exists as well.

A step-by-step User's Guide is also under development.

Core Applications
psredit query or change metadata
psrstat query attributes and statistics
psradd combine data in various ways
psrsh command language interpreter
psrplot produce customized, publication quality plots
Text-based interfaces
vap output tables of parameters and derived values
pdv view some basic data as text
Graphical interfaces
pav produce a wider variety of plots
psrgui interactive plot interface
pazi interactive plotter and zapper
General data processing
pam command line general purpose data reduction
psrconv convert from one file format to another
psrwt assign weights to Archive data in various ways
Polarimetry and Calibration
pac polarimetric calibration and database creation
pcm determine the receiver cross coupling
fluxcal generate flux calibrators
pacv plot calibrator data
rmfit estimate the Faraday rotation measure
psrpol Measure phase-resolved spherical histograms of the polarization vector
Pulsar Timing
pas generate template profiles (standards)
pat produce time of arrival estimates
rhythm graphical user interface to TEMPO
psrchive_config configuration file management
paz RFI mitigation
spa statistical analysis of single pulse data
psrspa Reimplementation of spa with added functionality
pvt analysis of pulse variability
pdmp find optimal period and dispersion measure